$501 GyLazhuziz Car Refrigerator Refrigerator Electronic Home Small D Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $501 GyLazhuziz Car Refrigerator Refrigerator Electronic Home Small D Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining GyLazhuziz Car Refrigerator Electronic Home Fixed price for sale D Small D,Refrigerator,Home,GyLazhuziz,$501,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Small,/bipersonal880348.html,pinktypo.com,Car,Refrigerator,Electronic D,Refrigerator,Home,GyLazhuziz,$501,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Small,/bipersonal880348.html,pinktypo.com,Car,Refrigerator,Electronic GyLazhuziz Car Refrigerator Electronic Home Fixed price for sale D Small

GyLazhuziz Car Refrigerator Electronic Home Fixed price for sale D New product! New type Small

GyLazhuziz Car Refrigerator Refrigerator Electronic Home Small D


GyLazhuziz Car Refrigerator Refrigerator Electronic Home Small D

Product description

Volume: within 5 liters (L)
Power supply voltage: 12 (V)
Power: 5 (W)
Minimum cooling temperature: 2 (℃)
Maximum heating temperature: 18 (℃)

GyLazhuziz Car Refrigerator Refrigerator Electronic Home Small D

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