Sea Life 2021 spring and summer new Collection Polished 14k Yellow Pe Tail Gold Charm Whale Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,14k,Charm,Whale,Tail,Sea,Yellow,Gold,Polished,/bipersonal1137948.html,Pe,Collection,Life,,$56 $56 Sea Life Collection Polished 14k Yellow Gold Whale Tail Charm Pe Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $56 Sea Life Collection Polished 14k Yellow Gold Whale Tail Charm Pe Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Sea Life 2021 spring and summer new Collection Polished 14k Yellow Pe Tail Gold Charm Whale Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,14k,Charm,Whale,Tail,Sea,Yellow,Gold,Polished,/bipersonal1137948.html,Pe,Collection,Life,,$56

Sea Life 2021 spring and summer new Collection Polished 14k Yellow Pe Tail Gold Charm free Whale

Sea Life Collection Polished 14k Yellow Gold Whale Tail Charm Pe


Sea Life Collection Polished 14k Yellow Gold Whale Tail Charm Pe

Product description

Dive in to the world of luxury as you enjoy this entrancing solid high polish whale tail pendant, delightfully crafted from the finest 14k yellow gold. Standing as a symbol of good luck, speed, strength, and freedom, whale tails are a popular motif in many cultures and a popular fashion ensemble for men and women alike.

Necklace/Pendant Measurements:

Chain size 0.5 mm
Pendant Height with Bail: 0.71" (18.03 mm)
Pendant Width: 0.87" (22.09 mm)
Pendant Depth: 0.04"(1.01 mm)

Pendant Bail:

Bail Fits up to a 3 mm chain
Bail Height: 0.28" (7.11 mm)
Bail Width: 0.14" (3.55 mm)
Bail Depth: 0.21" (5.33 mm)

Made in USA.

Sea Life Collection Polished 14k Yellow Gold Whale Tail Charm Pe

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