Detach,Floating,Rectangular,Deep,$23,Pan,Co.,,with,Red,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Black,/autoprogressive1306612.html,Roasting $23 Red Co. Rectangular Black Deep Roasting Pan with Floating Detach Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Detach,Floating,Rectangular,Deep,$23,Pan,Co.,,with,Red,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Black,/autoprogressive1306612.html,Roasting Red Co. Rectangular Black Deep with Floating Detach Roasting trust Pan $23 Red Co. Rectangular Black Deep Roasting Pan with Floating Detach Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Red Co. Rectangular Black Deep with Floating Detach Roasting trust Pan

Red Co. Rectangular Black Deep with Floating Detach Roasting trust Max 50% OFF Pan

Red Co. Rectangular Black Deep Roasting Pan with Floating Detach


Red Co. Rectangular Black Deep Roasting Pan with Floating Detach

Product description

High-quality, heat-resistant metal roasting pan and rack. This pan is superb for cooking enthusiasts. Roast chicken, turkey, ham, and vegetables. Its rectangular shape is great for baking cakes, cookies, bars, biscuits, and more. A large surface area fits two whole chickens. A great accessory for preparing large quantities of food, perfect for parties and family gatherings. Wash before use. Measures approximately 17.5" x 12.5" x 2.75".

Red Co. Rectangular Black Deep Roasting Pan with Floating Detach

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