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Triumph Max 75% Limited time for free shipping OFF Body Make-Up Essentials WP Padded Underwired Bra White

Triumph Body Make-Up Essentials WP Underwired Padded Bra White (


Triumph Body Make-Up Essentials WP Underwired Padded Bra White (

Product description

The Body Make-Up range from Triumph brings you this smooth, modern T-Shirt bra. With padded cups and underwiring, the bra gives shape and support, and it's seamless design ensures a clean sleek look under tight fitting clothes. The LYCRA content gives stretch, and allows the bra to move with your body for all day comfort. Team this with matching items from the range, for a great addition to your lingerie collection. 40% Polyamide, 45% Polyester, 15% Elastane. Product No: 10190664

Triumph Body Make-Up Essentials WP Underwired Padded Bra White (

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