$474 Bedside Cart with Catalina Mist Green Drawer Industrial Scientific Lab Scientific Products pinktypo.com,with,Green,Mist,Cart,Industrial Scientific , Lab Scientific Products,Bedside,Catalina,$474,Drawer,/autoprogressive1119212.html Bedside Cart with Catalina Mist Green free Drawer pinktypo.com,with,Green,Mist,Cart,Industrial Scientific , Lab Scientific Products,Bedside,Catalina,$474,Drawer,/autoprogressive1119212.html Bedside Cart with Catalina Mist Green free Drawer $474 Bedside Cart with Catalina Mist Green Drawer Industrial Scientific Lab Scientific Products

Indianapolis Mall Bedside Cart with Catalina Mist Green free Drawer

Bedside Cart with Catalina Mist Green Drawer


Bedside Cart with Catalina Mist Green Drawer

Product description

TrippNT's Bedside Cart is used to protect and store patient’s belongings. The top of the cart is inset to create a tray to secures items such as: phones, drinks, and other possessions that need to be frequently accessed. The bulk storage area and drawer lock with a single key to secures items such as backpacks, laptops, coats, and other personal effects allowing for easy transportation. 2 of the casters are locking for stationary use as needed. Available in 13 color variants, ships fully assembled. All TrippNT products are made in the USA and come with a 100% Total Replacement Lifetime Guarantee.

Bedside Cart with Catalina Mist Green Drawer

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