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Ideaco Japan Minimalist Design Wrap Max 78% OFF Holder D 100 Cling Film Discount mail order

Ideaco Japan Minimalist Design Wrap Holder 100 Cling Wrap Film D


Ideaco Japan Minimalist Design Wrap Holder 100 Cling Wrap Film D

Product Description

This sleek cling wrap dispenser features a magnetic backing enabling it to easily attach to a refrigerator. The 100-model dispenser is designed for heavy usage with a superior cutting edge fit for 100 meter rolls.

CLING WRAP CASE 100 by ideaco - Living With Simplicity and Beauty

We have an old perspective on nature called “Satoyama”. It means we believe God lives in everything, such as a mountains, river, grass, trees and stones. Those who live in Satoyama have customs and a life style where they take only what they need. Where they respect nature and use things carefully without waste.

Modern Japanese culture and aesthetics come from the Satoyama perspective on nature.

Ideaco's design starting point is taken from Satoyama landscape. We strive for simplicity without waste. Our products add innovative ideas into daily life.

​This design is the epitome of form and function, serving its purpose with elegant beauty and simpicity in function while hiding not only unsightly clingwrap, but ensuring efficient use and minimal waste in wrap.

Hide-And-Sleek, Even When Attached!

A cleverly simple solution, Ideaco's original product can be used to wrap goods even while magnetically attached to a refrigerator. 

For the newest version of the WRAP HOLDER, Ideaco has made significant improvements:

  1. The back structure of the WRAP HOLDER has a patent-pending  spring structure allowing a firm hold even on refrigerators with a curved surface.
  2. The overlap margins of the mouth have been widened for easy withdrawal and insertion of wrap. 

A Focus on Sustainability

WRAP HOLDER is made with Inverter Technology  - challengeing the use of less energy needed to produce components made of high quality.  This technology also reduces manufacturing waste.

Additionally, WRAP HOLDER has several key features to minimze wrap waste:

  1. Interior ribs have been placed over the entire width for smooth rotation of the wrap roll.
  2. A pair of end caps are mounted on both sides of the WRAP HOLDER to prevent the wrap from flying out of the conatiner. 

A History Of Global Recognition

WRAP HOLDER is used in several marquee kitchens and luxury homes worldwide, including locations in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris and New York. The dispenser comes in many colors and finishes.

The WRAP HOLDER fits well in the corner of a kitchen countertop or magnetically to a refrigerator. Made of polypropylene with stainless steel, the holder in will fit within various interior styles.

Since ideaco’s brand conception nearly thirty years ago, we’ve won several international design awards and competitions. 

ideaco embraces smart innovation making a sustainable future possible.

Ideaco Japan Minimalist Design Wrap Holder 100 Cling Wrap Film D

Plants of the Season

Spruce up your garden with some of these seasonal selections from the Plant Library.

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