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GEETAC 4K Full Hd Mini Projector for Smartphone Home Theater Cin


GEETAC 4K Full Hd Mini Projector for Smartphone Home Theater Cin

Product description

Product Description

Material: ABS
Language: English
Light source: LCD
Color: 16.7M
Brightness: 50 Lumens
Contrast: 500:1
Resolution: 480*272
Lamp: LED
Light source life: 20,000 hours
Power consumption: 10W
Input power: 5V 2A
Operation: manual
Whether built-in speaker: yes
Projection method: front projection
Input: AV interface / USB / TF card socket / power interface
Output: headphone
Mobile phone with the same screen: support mobile phone data cable with the same screen
Support audio format: MP3/APE/OGG/AAC/FLAC/ATRA
Support image format: JPEG/BMP/PNG/GIF
Support video format: MKV/AVI/MOV/MP4/TS/ASF/FLV/PMP/MPG/VOB/WMV

Package Included:
1*USB cable
1*AV cable
1*English manual

GEETAC 4K Full Hd Mini Projector for Smartphone Home Theater Cin

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