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La Pet Detachable Hanging Oval Ranking High material TOP7 Hammock Cat Adjustabl with

La La Pet Detachable Hanging Oval Pet Cat Hammock with Adjustabl


La La Pet Detachable Hanging Oval Pet Cat Hammock with Adjustabl

Product description

1. Premium material: hammock-made of EVA and oxford cloth, skin-friendly and natural, non-stick and easy to clean, durable and not easy to deform; cushion-made of fleece and oxford cloth, soft and comfortable.
2. Creative design: EVA molding and oval shape guarantee strong stability amp; durability without deformation for a long service life. Large opening provides cat an easy access to get in and off. meets various needs in both summer and winter, offers cooling or warmth to reach ultimate comfort, also allows for regular cleaning. Adjustable straps with plastic buckles help be installed under chairs or in cages easily, ensure safe connection and save floor space.
3. Versatile: it is not only a cat hammock to give your furry friend a secure and comfortable hang out place, keeps pet relaxed and comfy, greatly protects cats from moisture and cold on the floor, prevents your furniture from scratches or damages, develops their natural climbing instinct and improves physical fitness, but a decorative addition to add an unique accent to your living space, matches well with pet cages or crates to bring much convenience, blends seamlessly into any home decoration.
4. Application: a must-have for pet cage, perfect for all sizes of felines, such as cats, kittens, kitty, also great for small size puppies, even for ferrets, rabbits, pet rats, chinchillas, hamsters and more. Ideal gift idea for your pets, friends, colleagues and anyone who have cute pets.
Material: EVA + oxford cloth
Size: approx. 20.47 x 17.32 x 6.69 inches/52 x 44 x 17 cm (L x W x H)

Package included:
1 x cat hammock

1.Please allow slight size deviation due to manual measurement.
2.Please allow slight color differences due to different computer and site settings!

La La Pet Detachable Hanging Oval Pet Cat Hammock with Adjustabl

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