Madman Anime Festival is upon us again in beautiful Melbourne! With a slew of guests, Cosplay, premiere screenings, art, Music, video games and a whole lot more!

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The three amigos are back and bubbly! We talk everything Bubble Bobble, where it started & what it created, as well as its two main sequel’s, Rainbow Islands and Parasol Stars. So join us as well as Bub and Bob on a ride somewhere over the rainbow, ensure you have your choice beverage and favorite […]

Happy New Year! After a festive Christmas with too much egg nog, ham and lying down to recover from said activities… Tim Looks at 2 films, Argentos cult classic Suspiria and the Indy thriller Happy Hunting! Both Titles are availiable via Umbrella Entertainment right here! Suspiria 40th anniversary BluRay Happy Hunting Shameless Social Media Plugs: […]

In this episode Tim looks at 3 films, Orca The Killer Whale, The land that Time Forgot and Cannibal Apocalypse! From Killer Whales who have it in for Irish Fishos, to cheesy Dinosaur Puppets all the way to uninspired Vietnam Vet Cannibals! So pop up your feet, grab a harpoon, dodge a Teradactyl and sink […]

In episode 23, Matt guests and talks about his and Tim’s time at Madman Animefest, Mark gets super excited about the awesomeness that was BlizzCon 2017 and Tim laments at the feaeces covered “game” called Call of Duty WW2… All this and more!   Download this episode (right click and save)   Show Notes: A […]

Happy Halloween!! In this review episode, Tim gets knee deep in blood, spectres and crocodiles in a 4 horror film review megafest! The Entity, Red Christmas, Dark Age and Devils Rejects all come under the microscope. Huge thanks to Umbrella Entertainment! Grab some Tutti Frutti ice cream, pop your feet up on a severed torso […]