Armor Qtrees Biker Jeans Motorcycle Riding 4 X Pants Max 44% OFF with Upgrad $46 Armor Qtrees Biker Jeans Motorcycle Riding Pants with 4 X Upgrad Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Motorcycle,$46,Qtrees,with,Pants,/Medeola1500198.html,,Upgrad,X,Jeans,4,Riding,Armor,Biker,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports Armor Qtrees Biker Jeans Motorcycle Riding 4 X Pants Max 44% OFF with Upgrad $46 Armor Qtrees Biker Jeans Motorcycle Riding Pants with 4 X Upgrad Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Motorcycle,$46,Qtrees,with,Pants,/Medeola1500198.html,,Upgrad,X,Jeans,4,Riding,Armor,Biker,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports

Armor Qtrees Indefinitely Biker Jeans Motorcycle Riding 4 X Pants Max 44% OFF with Upgrad

Armor Qtrees Biker Jeans Motorcycle Riding Pants with 4 X Upgrad


Armor Qtrees Biker Jeans Motorcycle Riding Pants with 4 X Upgrad

Product description

- - Including:1 X Motorcycle Riding Pants+ 2 X Knee Pads + 2 X Hip Pads
- - - Material: 12oz Denim Cloth,70% Cotton+28% Polyster+2% Spandex
- - Color: Black,Blue
- - Size:S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL
- - S=28,Waist 80cm,Hipline 98cm,Length 108cm,Thigh 53cm;
- - M=30,Waist 85cm,Hipline 103cm,Length 109cm,Thigh 56cm;
- - L=32,Waist 90cm,Hipline 108cm,Length 110cm,Thigh 59cm;
- - XL=34,Waist 95cm,Hipline 112cm,Length 111cm,Thigh 62cm;
- - XXL=36,Waist 100cm,Hipline 116cm,Length 112cm,Thigh 65cm;
- - XXXL=38,Waist 105cm,Hipline 120cm,Length 113cm,Thigh 68cm;
- - Note:1cm=0.39337inch, 1inch=2.54cm;size will be 1-3cm deviation is available
- - - Suitable for Motorcycle Hockey ICE Skating Skiing Knight etc. outdoor Sports
- - - The Knee and Hip Protector Pads can be Removable Free When you are in Casual
- - - Knee and Back Waist Folding Design: Can give the Knight More Flexibility,Very Ergonomic High-tech Fabric of the Telescopic Function
- - - Including the European Union CE EN1621-1:1997 Motorcycle Protection Equipment Certification,2 X Knee,2 X Hip Sponge Protection Module (Not The General PVC Material)
- - - When not in use,Can be Quickly Unloading,Unlike the Market Generally Need to Purchase an additional anti-collision pants protection pads

Armor Qtrees Biker Jeans Motorcycle Riding Pants with 4 X Upgrad

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