excellence Christofle Royal Chef Oak Bread Knife #0070029 Royal,/Medeola1306598.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Christofle,$259,#0070029,Oak,Bread,pinktypo.com,Chef,Knife Royal,/Medeola1306598.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Christofle,$259,#0070029,Oak,Bread,pinktypo.com,Chef,Knife $259 Christofle Royal Chef Oak Bread Knife #0070029 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $259 Christofle Royal Chef Oak Bread Knife #0070029 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining excellence Christofle Royal Chef Oak Bread Knife #0070029

excellence Christofle Shipping included Royal Chef Oak Bread Knife #0070029

Christofle Royal Chef Oak Bread Knife #0070029


Christofle Royal Chef Oak Bread Knife #0070029

Product description

This bread knife is complemented by a solid oak handle adorned with a thin peacock green lacquer band inlaid into the wood to add a touch of color. The Christofle crown emblem and the silver-plated pearl, located at the end of the handle, is a signature that transforms the knife into a real gem. While drawing inspiration from modern lifestyle habits, Christofle shakes up the traditional codes of luxury with an innovative solution to functionality and style, Royal Chef. Christofle reimagines food preparation and entertaining revolved around the beating heart of one's home: the kitchen. Preparing meals that delight the taste buds is a key factor in creating moments with loved ones thanks to Christofle’s beautiful designs. Experience this new art of sharing with Royal Chef!

Christofle Royal Chef Oak Bread Knife #0070029

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