JKCKHA Challenge the lowest price of Japan Magnetic Globe Levitation 360 Floating Rotating Degree Wo $77 JKCKHA Magnetic Globe Levitation 360 Degree Rotating Floating Wo Toys Games Learning Education Wo,Levitation,Toys Games , Learning Education,Magnetic,Rotating,Degree,JKCKHA,Globe,360,$77,Floating,/Medeola1306498.html,pinktypo.com $77 JKCKHA Magnetic Globe Levitation 360 Degree Rotating Floating Wo Toys Games Learning Education Wo,Levitation,Toys Games , Learning Education,Magnetic,Rotating,Degree,JKCKHA,Globe,360,$77,Floating,/Medeola1306498.html,pinktypo.com JKCKHA Challenge the lowest price of Japan Magnetic Globe Levitation 360 Floating Rotating Degree Wo

Al sold out. JKCKHA Challenge the lowest price of Japan Magnetic Globe Levitation 360 Floating Rotating Degree Wo

JKCKHA Magnetic Globe Levitation 360 Degree Rotating Floating Wo


JKCKHA Magnetic Globe Levitation 360 Degree Rotating Floating Wo

Product description

If you have any questions, we offer perfect after-sales service. Please feel free to contact us.
Our levitation globes are high-tech products allow you to enjoy the world style, expand your world view, highlight your tolerance and not compromise


Name: On Suspension globe

Materials: Plastic

Globe Diameter: 20cm

Suspension height: 1-2 cm

Power cord length: 1.5 meters

Installation Steps:

Hands raised the globe, placed in the center of the center of the top 2-3 cm(note: must be aligned, or float, please refer to the extra instruction paper)

Slowly put down the ball, feel the magnetic point

After the magnetic point, gently release the ball holding the ball

Magnetic levitation successful, feel the thrill of the suspended globe

Packge List:

1 x Globe

1 x Base

1 x Power Adapter

1 x User Manual

JKCKHA Magnetic Globe Levitation 360 Degree Rotating Floating Wo

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