Shower,Curtain,Translucent,Pinea,Bathroom,Home Kitchen , Bath,and,Mats,with,/Medeola1306298.html,$39,Rugs,,Set $39 Shower Curtain Set with Bathroom Rugs and Mats Translucent Pinea Home Kitchen Bath Shower Curtain Set with Bathroom Over item handling and Mats Translucent Pinea Rugs Shower Curtain Set with Bathroom Over item handling and Mats Translucent Pinea Rugs Shower,Curtain,Translucent,Pinea,Bathroom,Home Kitchen , Bath,and,Mats,with,/Medeola1306298.html,$39,Rugs,,Set $39 Shower Curtain Set with Bathroom Rugs and Mats Translucent Pinea Home Kitchen Bath

Shower Curtain Set with Bathroom Over item handling and Mats Translucent Pinea Rugs Inexpensive

Shower Curtain Set with Bathroom Rugs and Mats Translucent Pinea


Shower Curtain Set with Bathroom Rugs and Mats Translucent Pinea

Product description

Size:72" x 72" + Large Bath Mats

Package Included:
1 x Shower Curtain(With 12 hooks)
1 x Bathroom Mat
1 x O-shaped Toilet Cover
1 x U-shaped Rug

Shower Curtain: Polyester
Bath Mat, Toilet Cover, U-shaped Rug: Coral Fleece

Size Information:
Shower Curtain: 36"" x 72""/ 66"" x 72""/ 72"" x 72""
Bathroom Mat: 18"" x 30""
O-shaped Toilet Cover: 14"" x 18""
U-shaped Rug: 15"" x 18""
Shower Curtain: 36"" x 72""/ 66"" x 72""/ 72"" x 72""
Bathroom Mat: 20"" x 32""
O-shaped Toilet Cover: 16"" x 18""
U-shaped Rug: 16"" x 20""

Shower Curtain Set with Bathroom Rugs and Mats Translucent Pinea

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