Albuquerque Mall Aubade Women's Tanga Aubade,/Medeola1138098.html,,Women's,Tanga,$28,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women Aubade,/Medeola1138098.html,,Women's,Tanga,$28,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women $28 Aubade Women's Tanga Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $28 Aubade Women's Tanga Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Albuquerque Mall Aubade Women's Tanga

Latest item Albuquerque Mall Aubade Women's Tanga

Aubade Women's Tanga


Aubade Women's Tanga

Product description

Thong in elastic floral lace, 100% cotton-lined seat for optimal hygiene - Material: Polyamide/Elastane/Cotton - Hand wash recommended, In case of machine washing: Place in mesh laundry bag and wash at 86°F max. for best protection

Tanga de encaje floral elástico, asiento 100% forrado de algodón para una higiene óptima - Material: Poliamida/Elastano/Algodón - Se recomienda lavar a mano, En caso de lavado a máquina: colóquelo en una bolsa de malla y lave a 86°F máx. para una mejor protección

String aus elastischer floraler Spitze, Sitz aus 100% Baumwolle für optimale Hygiene - Material: Polyamid/Elasthan/Baumwolle - Handwäsche empfohlen, Im Falle von Maschinenwäsche: In Netz-Wäschesack legen und bei max. 76 ° C waschen. Für besten Schutz

חוטיני בתחרה פרחונית אלסטית, מושב מרופד 100% כותנה להיגיינה אופטימלית - חומר: פוליאמיד/אלסטן/כותנה - מומלץ לכבס ביד, במקרה של כביסה במכונה: הניחו בשקית כביסה מרשת וכבסו בטמפרטורה מקסימלית של 30 מעלות צלזיוס. להגנה הטובה ביותר

Tanga em renda floral elástica, assento 100% com forro de algodão para uma higiene ideal - Material: poliamida/elastano/algodão - Lavagem à mão recomendada, em caso de lavagem à máquina: coloque em saco de roupa de malha e lave no máximo 30 °C. para melhor proteção

彈性花卉蕾絲丁字褲,100% 純棉內襯座椅,保持最佳衛生 - 材質:聚酰胺/彈性纖維/棉 - 建議手洗,可機洗:放入網狀洗衣袋中,最高水溫 70 華氏度。 提供最佳保護

弹性花边蕾丝丁字裤,100% 棉内衬座椅,卫生卫生 - 材质:聚酰胺/弹性纤维/棉 - 建议手洗,如果机洗:放入网眼洗衣袋,最高水温 86 华氏度(30 摄氏度)。 提供最佳保护

신축성 있는 꽃무늬 레이스 끈 팬티, 최적의 위생을 위한 100% 면 안감 시트 - 소재: 폴리아미드/엘라스테인/면 - 손세탁 권장, 세탁기 사용 시 : 메시 세탁 가방에 넣고 최대 30°C에서 세탁하세요. 최상의 보호를 위해

From the manufacturer


Absolute work of art, this very feminine tanga from the Belle d'Ispahan collection has left nothing to chance. Its amazing combination of floral patterns and sensual embroideries will bring out the mysterious woman in you. Low rise, this piece adorns a satin bow in the front and gorgeous embroideries in a gradient of blue on the thighs for sexier legs.



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Description Half Cup Bra élégant, Transparent tulle with blue and bronze flower embroideries, Satin bow and Aubade-inscribed jewel with Swarovski crystals, Adjustable straps Low rise tanga, Transparent tulle with blue and bronze flower embroideries, Satin bow Lycra lace body, Deep V neck with wide straps, Triangle-shaped finish in the back, Comfortable cut and easy to wear, Elegant transparency, Satin bow at the center gore Nightie with triangle-shaped cups, Subtle transparency on the whole piece, Bicolor guipure patterns on the cups, Satin bow at the center gore and on the straps, Lace embellished straps Comfortable and sophisticated silk pajama top, V neck embellished with delicate lace on the bust and lower parts of the piece, Adjustable straps for more comfort Comfortable and sophisticated silk pajama bottoms, Silk waistband for a softer feel, Sides embellished with delicate lace for a sophisticated finish
Description Triangle Bra, Black flower embroideries on nude tulle, Adjustable lace embellished straps, Satin lacing with small bow at the center gore, Bows on the straps Mini-cœur Brief, Flower embroideried on nude tulle, Classic low rise, Semi-transparent, Mainly made in satin in the front and tulle in the back, Semi-covering piece, Satin lacing Triangle Bra in collaboration with Dutch designers VIKTORamp;ROLF, Exclusive collection made in tulle with bows, Satin bow at the center gore, Adjustable double straps in the back with bows on the hook and eye Tanga in collaboration with VIKTORamp;ROLF, Exclusive collection made in tulle with bows, Satin bows in the front and back, Subtle transparency in the front and opaque in the back, Elastic waistband for more support Push Up Bra made in tulle with flower embroideries, Delicate satin bows at the center gore and on the straps St Tropez Cheeky Low rise cut made in tulle with flower embroideries et tulle plumetis, Small satin bows

Aubade Women's Tanga

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