Core,and,Cart,/Medeola1119298.html,with,Sliding,,Drawers,Industrial Scientific , Lab Scientific Products,DX,White,Door,$545 $545 Core DX Cart with White Drawers and Sliding Door Industrial Scientific Lab Scientific Products Core DX Cart Great interest with White Sliding Drawers Door and $545 Core DX Cart with White Drawers and Sliding Door Industrial Scientific Lab Scientific Products Core,and,Cart,/Medeola1119298.html,with,Sliding,,Drawers,Industrial Scientific , Lab Scientific Products,DX,White,Door,$545 Core DX Cart Great interest with White Sliding Drawers Door and

Under blast sales Core DX Cart Great interest with White Sliding Drawers Door and

Core DX Cart with White Drawers and Sliding Door


Core DX Cart with White Drawers and Sliding Door

Product description

TrippNT's Core DX Cart with White Drawers and Sliding Door organizes, stores, and secures supplies. It offers 3 total locking drawers, 4 shelves, 2 dispensing shelves, and bulk storage with a sliding clear door. Its built-in handles are ergonomic and easy to grab and the sliding door offers a smaller usage footprint. It is constructed from a corrosion-resistant non-metal rust proof polymer with robust 4-inch twin wheel casters capable of easily navigating elevator gaps and uneven surfaces. Available in 13 color variants. Ships fully assembled.

Core DX Cart with White Drawers and Sliding Door

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