Blue,,Distressed,by,Abani,Antique,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,x,7'9",Rug,/Medeola1119198.html,10'2",Living,$112,Room,Ru $112 7'9" x 10'2" Distressed Antique Blue Living Room Rug by Abani Ru Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Blue,,Distressed,by,Abani,Antique,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,x,7'9",Rug,/Medeola1119198.html,10'2",Living,$112,Room,Ru 7'9" x 10'2" Distressed Antique Blue Rug Ru Abani Living Room Financial sales sale by $112 7'9" x 10'2" Distressed Antique Blue Living Room Rug by Abani Ru Home Kitchen Home Décor Products 7'9" x 10'2" Distressed Antique Blue Rug Ru Abani Living Room Financial sales sale by


7'9" x 10'2" Distressed Antique Blue Living Room Rug by Abani Ru


7'9" x 10'2" Distressed Antique Blue Living Room Rug by Abani Ru

Product description

Size:7'9" x 10'2"

This antique inspired Casa Collection 7'9"x10'2" area rug is a natural fit for nearly any interior style. The intricate pendant design centers this distressed blue and grey living room rug, making it the perfect compromise for your space. Our heirloom rug blends old and new with beautiful design and excellent durability.

The refined power-loomed construction will help this piece hold up in even the most high-traffic areas of your home. Our rug will transform your space into a subtle show of vintage style and modern interior fashion.

At Abani Rugs, we pride ourselves in offering a variety of abstract, traditional, classic, and modern area rugs and indoor carpets in multiple sizes, colors, and patterns to put the finishing touch on any room decor. Showcase your interior design and personality in any space with finely-crafted area rugs from Abani Rugs.

  • Style: Abstract
  • Color: Blue/Grey
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Low Profile: 0.4" Pile
  • Country of Origin: Turkey
  • Available sizes: 4’x 6’, 5’3 x 7’6”, 6’ x 9’, 7’9" x 10’2" - Sizes are approximate and can vary by 3%

7'9" x 10'2" Distressed Antique Blue Living Room Rug by Abani Ru

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