$214 Jucaiyuan JVCY Garbage Can, Vertical Bathroom Hotel Lobby Hotel Home Kitchen Storage Organization Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Lobby,Can,,Bathroom,Hotel,JVCY,Vertical,Garbage,$214,Hotel,/Ghiordes880504.html,Jucaiyuan,pinktypo.com Jucaiyuan JVCY Garbage Can New product! New type Hotel Bathroom Vertical Lobby Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Lobby,Can,,Bathroom,Hotel,JVCY,Vertical,Garbage,$214,Hotel,/Ghiordes880504.html,Jucaiyuan,pinktypo.com $214 Jucaiyuan JVCY Garbage Can, Vertical Bathroom Hotel Lobby Hotel Home Kitchen Storage Organization Jucaiyuan JVCY Garbage Can New product! New type Hotel Bathroom Vertical Lobby

Jucaiyuan JVCY Garbage Can New product type Hotel Bathroom Vertical Choice Lobby

Jucaiyuan JVCY Garbage Can, Vertical Bathroom Hotel Lobby Hotel


Jucaiyuan JVCY Garbage Can, Vertical Bathroom Hotel Lobby Hotel

Product description


Product Name: Trash Can
Material: iron paint
Size: 25*61cm, 30*61cm, 38*73cm, 48*83cm

Packing list:
1X trash can

1:This product only contains trash can ,other decorations in the picture are not included.
2:Image Description: This product is taken in kind, due to light, angle, display, etc., there will be a little color difference, please understand

Jucaiyuan JVCY Garbage Can, Vertical Bathroom Hotel Lobby Hotel



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