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eewopjkj Egg Max 83% OFF Nest Hanging Basket Without S Charlotte Mall Cushion Rocking Chair

eewopjkj Egg Nest Hanging Basket Rocking Chair Cushion Without S


eewopjkj Egg Nest Hanging Basket Rocking Chair Cushion Without S

Product description


Whether you are reading in the shade or relaxing in the sun, you will feel comfortable for hours with the trendy egg shaped hanging hammock cushion. You can also add worry-free style and comfort to your outdoor decor with the Hanging Swing Chair Cushion.

Cushion Fabric: Waterproof fabric for protection solar (polyester)
Filling material: doll cotton
Packing list: 1Seat cushion

1.Durable outdoor fabric withstands UV damage, fading, stains and water, so your cushions always look good
2.The Chair The cushion is removable and washable. This seat cushion is equipped with a cover. When removing and washing, the pad can be removed directly from the zipper and cleaned.
3. Chair Pads That Reduce Body Weight Pressure Help Back Pain And Add Comfort To Your Chair, Airplane Seat, Floor, Or Wheelchair.
4. Chair Pads Are Simple To Care - Wash by hand and in the washing machine. Do not bleach. Tumble dry at low temperatures. Do not iron.

Do not include the chair !!!
The cushion will arrive in a slightly compressed state, place the product in the sun for multiple exposures to expand to the final size. description.

eewopjkj Egg Nest Hanging Basket Rocking Chair Cushion Without S



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