Strong,Oven,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Stick,Non,/Ghiordes1119004.html,3,of,,Set,Piece,Pans,Re,IcherryU,Bakeware,$29,3 $29 IcherryU 3 Piece Non Stick Bakeware Set of 3 Strong Oven Pans Re Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining IcherryU 3 Piece Non Stick Bakeware Max 82% OFF of Set Re Strong Oven Pans Strong,Oven,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Stick,Non,/Ghiordes1119004.html,3,of,,Set,Piece,Pans,Re,IcherryU,Bakeware,$29,3 IcherryU 3 Piece Non Stick Bakeware Max 82% OFF of Set Re Strong Oven Pans $29 IcherryU 3 Piece Non Stick Bakeware Set of 3 Strong Oven Pans Re Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

IcherryU 3 Piece Non Stick Bakeware service Max 82% OFF of Set Re Strong Oven Pans

IcherryU 3 Piece Non Stick Bakeware Set of 3 Strong Oven Pans Re


IcherryU 3 Piece Non Stick Bakeware Set of 3 Strong Oven Pans Re

Product description

Features:Carbon steel material: The bakeware is made of high-quality carbon steel material. High temperature resistance, not easy to fade, good hardness, sturdiness and durability. It can quickly and evenly dissipate heat, so that the food can be roasted evenly. In order to prevent batter, it is very suitable for beginners to make cakes.
Three different sizes provide different options: the sizes are 30x20x4.5CM 32x22x5CM 34x24x5CM. Large capacity, can hold more ingredients to meet your different needs. In addition, it is easy to store, and multiple baking trays can be stacked to save kitchen space.
Non-stick coating design: There is a food-grade non-stick coating on the surface of the bakeware, which is safe and non-toxic, suitable for all kinds of cooking.
Ideal kitchen bakeware: the design of the rolled edges and rounded corners of the bakeware is stable, will not hurt your hands, and prevent the table top from being scratched during use. In addition, the arc design on both sides makes it easy to operate.
Wide application: the baking pan is suitable for making cakes, mousse rings, grilled fish, meat, chicken or any food you want to make. It is very suitable for cooking many delicious dishes in the oven.
Specifications:Material:Carbon Steel
Size: Approx. 30x20x4.5 cm/11.8x7.9x1.8 inches(Small)
Size: Approx. 32x22x5 cm/12.6x8.7x2 inches(Medium)
Size: Approx. 34x24x5 cm/13.4x9.4x2 inches(Large)
Note:1.Please allow 0-2cm errors due to manual measurement, make sure that you do not mind before you order.
2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.
3.Other parts are not included.
Thanks for your understanding.Package includes:1 Set Roasting Tin(3pcs)

IcherryU 3 Piece Non Stick Bakeware Set of 3 Strong Oven Pans Re



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