Servo Cheap sale Stepper Motor Controller WS55H‑E‑1 fo $111 Servo Stepper Motor Controller WS55H‑E‑1 Motor Controller fo Electronics Computers Accessories,WS55H‑E‑1,Controller,/Dyas1306039.html,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Stepper,Motor,$111,Servo,fo,Controller,Motor $111 Servo Stepper Motor Controller WS55H‑E‑1 Motor Controller fo Electronics Computers Accessories,WS55H‑E‑1,Controller,/Dyas1306039.html,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Stepper,Motor,$111,Servo,fo,Controller,Motor Servo Cheap sale Stepper Motor Controller WS55H‑E‑1 fo

Servo Cheap sale Stepper Super beauty product restock quality top! Motor Controller WS55H‑E‑1 fo

Servo Stepper Motor Controller WS55H‑E‑1 Motor Controller fo


Servo Stepper Motor Controller WS55H‑E‑1 Motor Controller fo

Product description


1. Servo stepper motor controller come with large LCD screen, clear display and easy operation
2. Small and exquisite body size, intelligent integration of internal components, high space utilization
3. This controller using international standard G code programming method, simple and easy to operate
4. USB port is more convenient, lead‑in/lead‑out programs through U disk, boot image/standby picture can be customized
5. Support 2ms high‑speed interpolation, X, Y, Z, C can do linear circular interpolation


Item Type: Servo Stepper Motor Controller
Material: Engineering plastic
Display: 3.5in LCD color screen
Resolution: 320x240
Boot Image Format: 24-bit bitmap BMP
Number of Input Ports: 16
Number of Output Ports: 8
Button Life: 50000 Times
System Power Supply: DC 24V
Power Consumption: 10W
Non-Isolated Load: 120W
Isolation Load: 100W
Number of Controllable Axis: Single Axis
Language: Chinese, English
Storage Procedure: 99
Number of Program Lines: 999
Minimum Data Unit: 0.001mm
Maximum Data Size: ±99999.999mm
Maximum Pulse Output Frequency: Single Axis 400KHz
Single Axis Rapid Movement Speed: 24m/min (when the pulse equivalent is 0.001mm)
Four-Axis Rapid Movement Speed: 21m/min (when the pulse equivalent is 0.001mm)
Moving Speed of Arc Motion: 18m/min (when the pulse equivalent is 0.001mm)
Speed Override: 10%-200% Adjustable
Working Temperature: 0-40℃
Environmental Humidity: 0-85%
Product Use: Welding, drilling, dispensing, spraying, feeding, cutting, grinder, instrument lathe and other motion control systems

Package List:

1 x Servo Stepper Motor Controller

1 x Connection Line

8 x Terminal

4 x Fixing Device

Servo Stepper Motor Controller WS55H‑E‑1 Motor Controller fo

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