Marvel’s Avengers Trailer Hints Spider-Man As Potential Playable Hero

It looks like Spider-Man could very well be in Marvel’s Avengers, at least according to a recently discovered Easter Egg in the game’s most recent trailer. While Square Enix has given no indication so far that the ever-popular Web Slinger of Marvel Comics lore will show up in their upcoming action RPG, he remains a highly requested addition from fans of his exploits in other media.

Some questionably timed marketing and off-putting character models notwithstanding, Marvel’s Avengers has displayed some promising gameplay and storytelling in its recent War Table presentation event last week. Set five years a tragic event that destroys San Francisco, the game will feature the Avengers rallying back together and joining forces with new heroes like Kamala Khan to defeat the sinister terrorist group A.I.M. and its leader, M.O.D.O.K. Now, there is an enticing hint that a certain wisecracking hero might just be joining in on the action after all.

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A recent post on IGN’s Twitter page, taken from the latest trailer for Marvel’s Avengers, depicts a reporter from the Daily Bugle, a famed New York City newspaper in the Marvel universe. As fans know, this is the same publication that Peter Parker works for as a photographer, hence the possibility of him and his heroic alter ego appearing in Marvel’s Avengers. IGN’s tweet seems to speculate as much, and it can be seen below:

Spidey is no stranger to video games, as the popular hero’s last pixilated outing from Insomniac, titled Marvel’s Spider-Man, has managed to become the highest-selling superhero title of all time shortly after its 2018 release. This success is set to continue later this year as a spin-off game starring Miles Morales was recently announced for the upcoming PlayStation 5. So far, that particular series has made several references to such Avengers characters as Ant-Man, hinting that it is part of a larger Marvel universe.

Now it seems that Marvel’s Avengers has returned the favor by hinting at the Daily Bugle. This may be just a fun Marvel Easter Egg on the part of Square Enix, but the idea of Spider-Man swinging in to help the Avengers in their time of need is always an exciting prospect for fans. It would be even better if this game’s version of Spidey is the same one from Insomniac’s well-received Spider-Man adventure, revealing that both of these Marvel titles are connected in a single video game universe as many have speculated. Nothing has been confirmed for sure, but fans should keep their eyes peeled for more nods to the Webhead in Marvel’s Avengers when it hits stores on September 4.

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Source: IGN

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