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The CBS political drama Madam Secretary wowed fans for six suspenseful seasons. Elizabeth McCord becomes the US Secretary of State in one conversation with the president, and her family’s lives change in an instant.

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With Téa Leoni as Elizabeth and Tim Daly as Henry McCord, there is always a perfect tension of confidential work matters, public personas, and family dynamics. A lot happened for this fictional family from 2014 to 2019, and the show performed well with an overall IMDb score of 7.6 out of 10. Here are the top ten episodes of the series, which all come from the action-packed fifth and sixth seasons.

10 Season 6, Episode 5: 8.1

The midway point of the final season brings a very emotional episode simply titled “Daisy.” Daisy Grant has been Secretary/President Elizabeth McCord’s trusted press secretary since the first season. Daisy always arrives in style and stays abreast of every news or social media development regarding office business.

She makes a fatal error by obtaining some dirt on the other candidate during Elizabeth’s presidential campaign, and it all comes to a head in this episode. Daisy does not leak the information, but she does possess its files, and she ultimately must resign. It was a sad goodbye on screen and in real life for actress Patina Miller.

9 Season 5, Episode 12: 8.1

This episode, “Strategic Ambiguity,” follows the important two-part “Family Separation” storyline at the border. After seeing the horrors of children separated from their parents, living in gruesome conditions, Elizabeth moves on to a new problem and tries to supply Taiwan with fighter jets.

Matt is tasked with taking care of Daisy’s dog when she is away, but he doesn’t do a great job.

8 Season 5, Episode 14: 8.1

This episode is called “Something Better.” Stevie gets to help Russell revamp his online image, Elizabeth learns that American missionaries are caught in the crossfire of an uprising, President Dalton has to face the facts of his past, and Jay explores his new relationship.

7 Season 5, Episode 20: 8.2

Geneva’s UN delegation is attacked by white nationalist terrorists, which means that Ambassador Peter Harriman, who is in attendance, is killed. Blake and Stevie start hanging out and share a kiss.

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Emotions run high for everyone in the office, particularly for new assistant Nina Cummings, who has gotten to know and respect Ambassador Harriman. The episode ends with Elizabeth officially announcing her candidacy for president.

6 Season 6, Episode 2: 8.2

This episode combines the show’s usual drama with the fanfare of Elizabeth throwing out the first pitch for a New York Mets game. Citizens protest the rising costs of fuel.

The Senate Intelligence Committee questions Mike B. on his involvement with the Iran peace deal that has spawned a giant administrative investigation due to Iran’s tampering with the other opponent’s campaign.

5 Season 6, Episode 7: 8.2

This episode is called “Accountability” and offers a couple of interesting looks into the personal lives of Blake Moran and Jason McCord.

Blake and Trevor are seen in the morning at their home when an FBI agent arrives with a search warrant. Jason criticizes a college journalist in a coffee shop for calling his mother a “corrupt, unqualified, crypto-fascist” in an opinion piece.

4 Season 6, Episode 4: 8.3

The final season’s fourth episode, “Valor,” walks through Henry’s fight to offer mental health assistance to veterans. The importance of the VA Mental Health Modernization Bill is heightened by the suicide of Major Brad Jenkins.

The man has a mental health episode after rear-ending someone, and he pretends to reach for a gun so that police officers will shoot him, thereby committing a form of suicide. Meanwhile, Daisy undergoes intensive questioning as per her subpoena.

3 Season 5, Episode 19: 8.3

Elizabeth is in preparation for her announcement that she is running for president, but an article comes to the fore stating that the Secretary of State had an affair with President Dalton twenty years prior when the two were in the CIA.

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Team members are already adjusting to their new roles moving into the campaign. Called “The Great Experiment,” the episode also deals with the sexual misconduct of the Deputy Secretary. Henry hunts down the source of the awful article.

2 Season 6, Episode 10: 8.9

The last episode of Madam Secretary is called “Leaving the Station.”

It ties up loose ends and gives viewers a beautiful wedding for Stevie and Dmitri, even though their original venue burns down. A White House wedding is fitting for the couple, but it can’t happen before Elizabeth wrestles with a bill on equal pay for women. All in all, it is a satisfying end to six seasons of Madam Secretary.

1 Season 6, Episode 9: 9.2

The highest rating of the series goes to “Carpe Diem.” It’s time for Elizabeth McCord to appear before the Senate Committee, so in preparation for the worst, Elizabeth and Henry create their bucket list for all that they want to see enacted in the McCord presidency.

The couple learns that Stevie and Dmitri each plan to propose to one another, so even with nuclear warfare in the mix, the family has a wedding to look forward to.

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