Star Wars 9 Title Theory Has Fans Excited for a Very Dark Sequel

Has the official title of Star Wars 9 been leaked? We won't know for a while, but the new rumor that has been going around seems to have some hardcore fans pretty excited, even though it has not been confirmed by Lucasfilm or Disney. It has been heavily rumored that the first trailer for the last installment in the trilogy will be dropping before the end of the year, which has Star Wars fans pumped. If the trailer does debut before the end of the year, we should learn the title then.Star Wars: Son of Darkness is the title that has been floated out by an anonymous source, who reportedly has a decent leaking average. The title comes from Supreme Leader Snoke when he is talking to Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi. He says."My worthy apprentice, Son of Darkness, heir apparent to Lord Vader, where there was conflict I now sense resolved, where there was weakness, strength. Complete your training and fulfill your destiny."This particular title has been met with excitement by many hardcore Star Wars fans since it leaked. However, it has not been confirmed by anyone, so we'll have to treat it as a rumor for now.The Star Wars: Son of Darkness title has a lot of people talking about the possible meanings behind it, with one person noting that it might not even refer to Kylo Ren. One theory was that it could be based off of Luke Skywalker because of his dad being Darth Vader. Another person went way off on the rails and theorized that it could be a potential child between Rey and Ben Solo, which sounds pretty ridiculous.Related: Star Wars 9 Gives Kylo Ren a New Darth Vader-Inspired Helmet?As is the case with most of these rumors, there are Star Wars fans who don't buy it and then there are fans that just don't like it. For now, it's just a rumor that is fun to talk about, there's no need to talk about a possible title already ruining childhoods all over again. If Son of Darkness does end up as the official title, it could be a cool nod to Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi, which brings in some continuity. It doesn't hurt that it's also a Snoke reference, which is already good on its own since we all want to know more about him.Star Wars 9 is still filming at Pinewood with J.J. Abrams in the director's chair. There have been some pretty interesting leaks from Disney marketing meetings that bode well for the final installment in the new trilogy, like the Knights of Ren possible return. Director/writer Kevin Smith has visited the set and claims that Abrams is "doing the Lord's work," which sounds intriguing. As for the title, we'll just have to wait and see if it is revealed if and when the trailer is released this month. The title news originally came from Reddit. Topics: Star Wars 9, Star Wars

MIB: International First Look Has the Men In Black Ready for Action

No Raybans, no ties, no problem. Earlier this week we passed along the news that director F. Gary Gray's upcoming reboot of Men in Black starring Thor: Ragnarok dynamic duo Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson had snagged an official title, and will henceforth be referred to as MIB International. The title is fitting and really just comes right out and tells us all we need to know about the upcoming revamps, now doesn't it? Yep, glad we can all agree that it's a sound title.Good job, Hollywood. The film is obviously a spin-off of the massively successful original trilogy of films that starred Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and even Josh Brolin on occasion. But a bit less well-known is the fact that this film is also a reboot of the original Malibu/Marvel comics series of the same name by Lowell Cunningham.And if you're excited to see the Men (and Women) in Black bust all manner of alien ass across multiple continents, then you'll be positively breakdancing with big blue aliens to see your first official look at Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson suited up and ready bust some ghosts... ur, I mean aliens. You can check it out in all its gorgeous glory below.Related: First Look at Chris Hemsworth as Men in Black Spin-Off Begins ShootingThe upcoming science fiction action comedy film is directed by F. Gary Gray, who helmed not only the Ice Cube comedy classic Friday but the Ice Cube biography flick Straight Outta Compton, from a screenplay written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. Marcum and Holloway are no strangers to penning big-budget tentpoles screenplays as the two have amassed a mighty resume in their time.Their works include such classics as the original (and best) Iron Man film, along with some less-desirable credits such as the mega-misfire Punisher: Warzone, and Michael Bay's blowing up castles with robots film, Transformers: The Last Knight. I think we can all join hands in agreeing that this film would be much better off if it was more in the Iron Man spectrum of screenwriting than the Punisher: Warzone, Transformers: The Last Knight side of the typewriter. But maybe that's just me.On top of boasting the mega-star power teaming of Hemsworth and Thompson, this new Men in Black motion picture will also bring into the fold the likes of such Hollywood heavy-hitters as Liam Neeson (every movie ever), Rebecca Ferguson (Mission:Impossible: Fallout, and Mike Flanagan's upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep), and the always delightful Emma Thompson (Love Actually).Kumail Nanjiani and Rafe Spall join the new cast as well. All of this said, being that, you know, aliens, in theory, inhabit more than just the multiple continents of this planet we call Earth, do you think the next film's title will be Men In Black: Cosmic or something like that? I'd put money on it. But I guess we'll see if there is even a desire for more black-clad, Rayban sporting folk once this new version kicks the door open into theaters on June 14, 2019. Entertainment Weekly was the first to share the image. Topics: Men In Black 4, Men In Black

The Alec Baldwin Show: Season One Ratings

Published: December 9, 2018 (ABC / Heidi Gutman) From daytime soaps to primetime soaps, sitcoms, dramas, mini-series, children’s programming, docu-series, awards shows, Saturday Night Live, game shows, and even animation, there isn’t much that Alec Baldwin hasn’t done on the small screen. Now he’s kicking off a new talk show, and it’s not even his first. His Up Late with Alec Baldwin ran briefly on MSNBC in 2013, before it was cancelled in the wake of an off-air confrontation with a tabloid videographer. Can this time be different? Will The Alec Baldwin Show be cancelled or renewed for season two on...


You Don’t Want to Know What Happens to Tom Holland If He Spoils Avengers 4

Marvel Studios must have given Tom Holland a stern talking to, because he is terrified to spoil Avengers 4. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been going up to the young Spider-Man actor and asking for spoilers, but he refuses for a very specific reason. Holland is a notorious leaker, which the studio sometimes capitalizes on, but he has legitimately ruined some stuff for fans, like when he spoiled the end of Infinity War to a theater full of people on opening night.In a new video, a female fan tracks Tom Holland and asks him to say hi to her son, but then instructs the actor to reveal if he comes back to life after the events in Infinity War. Holland nervously laughs and says, "no." When pressed further about Avengers 4, he says, "they'll shoot me!" Holland then makes a gun with his hand and points it at his head and repeats, "I can't tell you, they'll shoot me." The young actor is visibly nervous and tries to get out of the situation as quickly as possible.Obviously, Marvel Studios and Disney aren't going to kill Tom Holland for spoiling Avengers 4, but he more than likely has something written in his contract about that sort of thing. Who knows though. Maybe the Russo Brothers and Kevin Feige will shoot him with a pellet gun or a stun gun, or something of that nature. Whatever they said to him, it must be pretty serious this time around. One has to wonder if the snipers will be out looking for Holland's partner in crime, Mark Ruffalo, who is another notorious leaker.Related: Why Infinity War Directors Didn't Shoot Avengers 4 at the Same TimeAvengers 4 is one of the most mysterious movies in the MCU. The hype for the first trailer is off the charts with rumored release dates passing without any confirmation or notification from the studio. Some fans have gotten so desperate that they are taking every tweet or social media post and putting it under the microscope, trying to find secret, cryptic meanings or clues about the official title. With that being said, it's actually pretty shocking that nothing has leaked about Avengers 4 at this point in time.At this point, it's almost too ridiculous to say what the rumored release date for the Avengers 4 trailer is. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige says that it will drop before the end of the year, and that's the only confirmation that we have. Maybe it'll drop this weekend, or maybe it will arrive on Christmas Day, like Disney's live-action version of The Lion King dropping on Thanksgiving unexpectedly. Whatever the case may be, it's coming soon, just don't expect Tom Holland to let us know anything about the movie. One has to almost feel bad for the young actor as the Avengers 4 release date approaches. You can check out Tom Holland revealing what Marvel Studios will do to him if he spoils below, thanks to Reddit.“they’ll shoot me”olha.. sempre soube que tom holland estava sendo ameaçado dps de tanto spoiler que ele soltou— ً (@homecmnig) December 4, 2018 Topics: Avengers 4, Spider-man

Family Guy: Season 16 Ratings

Published: December 10, 2018 Although the Family Guy TV show dropped in the ratings yet again last year, thanks to its demo ratings, it ranked as the sixth best performer among scripted FOX TV series. Now the Seth MacFarlane sitcom is back for a 16th season, and in February of...


Google is shutting down Allo

Google has officially announced that it’s shutting down Allo, ending the run of yet another failed Google chat app experiment....