Creed 2 Trailer Arrives and Packs a Massive Punch

Sylvester Stallone took to social media a few days back to announce that the first trailer for Creed 2 was coming this week, and he was not kidding when he said that it was going to be a knockout. Clocking in at nearly 2 minutes, the trailer for the highly anticipated sequel hits all of the high notes and teases the ghosts of the father issues that screenwriter Cheo Hadari Coker revealed last week while looking more emotionally intense than the first film, which is really saying something. It looks like the cast and crew of Creed 2 have really worked some magic.Production wrapped for Creed 2 back at the beginning of the month after starting in the middle of March. Tessa Thompson and director Steven Caple Jr. posted pictures and video from the wrap party, which led to speculation that a trailer would be coming soon. However, not many believed that the first trailer for Creed 2 would arrive this quickly, though it seems that the production moved very smoothly in the 3 months that it was happening. Additionally, there's no need for heavy digital effects, which makes matters a lot easier.Creed 2 production started with a few leaked photos and videos of Dolph Lundgren, who is back to reprise his role of Ivan Drago and Florian Munteanu, who plays his son, Victor, on the steps of the iconic Rocky landmark Philadelphia Museum of Art. The duo were seen training and it wasn't long before Sylvester Stallone was spotted on set as well. There have also been rumors that Brigitte Nielsen will be back for a cameo, though that has not been confirmed at this point. She was spotted at a Philadelphia airport back in April, and it has been reported that she was near the set of Creed 2.Michael B. Jordan is back and bigger than ever following the smash hit Black Panther, which saw him pitted up against Chadwick Boseman. Jordan's performance was emotionally intense and he was able to keep the physique from the first Creed movie in the Ryan Coogler-directed film, which means that he's super ripped in Creed 2 as shown in the new trailer. While we now have the trailer and some of the story has been revealed, there is still a lot about the sequel that we don't know, which is awesome, considering all of the leaks from the set that were available.Sylvester Stallone did an excellent job of keeping his fans updated with Creed 2 and he will more than likely be doing the same thing when production on Rambo 5 starts up as well. Stallone is a busy man and he shows no signs of slowing down, despite the many death hoaxes that have been reported over the last several years. Stallone is alive and well, kicking more as than people half his age. Creed 2 hits theaters on November 21st, but you can check out the very first trailer below, courtesy of MGM.[embedded content]

What Would You Do?: Season 14 Viewer Votes

Does the What Would You Do? TV show still hold your interest? Would you tell others to watch season 14 of this ABC hidden camera series? As we all know, the Nielsen ratings typically play a crucial role in determining whether a TV show like What Would You Do? is cancelled or renewed for a 15th season. Unfortunately, most homes aren’t Nielsen households, and many viewers get upset that their viewing and opinions aren’t being counted. We’d like to offer you a chance to rate the season 14 episodes of What Would You Do? below. Hosted by John Quiñones, What Would You Do? explores how people react to strangers in uncomfortable circumstances. With hidden cameras at the ready, actors play out various scenarios, in front of unwitting bystanders. The ABC TV series seeks to discover how and when people feel they must intervene and when and why they choose to mind their own business. Quiñones reports about how they made their decisions. Scenarios in 2018 include a same-sex engagement announcement, dating violence, drunk driving, agism, and more. What do you think? Which season 14 episodes of What Would You Do? do you rate as wonderful, terrible, or somewhere between? Should ABC cancel or renew What Would You Do? for season 15? Don’t forget to vote, then share your thoughts, below.

King Cohen Review: An Inspiring Look at the Exploitation Genre Genius

King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen is a deftly made documentary about the life and films of iconoclastic director Larry Cohen. Like Melvin Van Peebles before him, Larry Cohen is one of those artists for whom the rules don't apply. Sure, it would be great and illustrious to have the career of Christopher Nolan or a Stanley Kubrick. However, the career of Larry Cohen certainly looks to be a lot more fun and prolific.Getting his start in the Kraft Theater in the 1960s, Larry Cohen worked on a litany of shows like The Fugitive, The Defenders, Columbo...


What Tom Hiddleston Looks Like as Riddler in the DCEU

As a response to some fan casting that we never knew we needed, Redditor BatFlashHunterDesign created a detailed piece of fan art showing what actor Tom Hiddleston would look like as the Riddler in a future Batman movie. All things considered, it looks pretty great.Tom Hiddleston has played the villain Loki in a number of MCU movies over the years, until what seemed to be his final appearance in Avengers: Infinity War. Hiddleston should theoretically have a bit more free time now that his time with Marvel Studios has come to an end. While he likely wasn't anyone's first pick to play Edward Nygma / the Riddler, this fan art does look promising, and may be enough to change people's minds.While it's unclear if the Riddler will make an appearance in the upcoming movie The Batman, being directed by Matt Reeves, there have certainly been a number of rumors circling around the Riddler having some part in the movie. The DCEU has wanted to add the Riddler to the mix for some time, with Zack Snyder even revealing that the Riddler was supposed to show up in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, at least in the early drafts. Even though Edward Nygma himself did not appear in the movie, his question mark logo did appear in the background, graffitied in the ruins of Wayne Manor.In the comics, the Riddler was one of Batman's greatest enemies, with his genius intellect and puzzles posing as a serious threat for Bruce Wayne on a number of occasions. Despite this, the Riddler has yet to get a truly great live action adaptation in any of the Batman movies over the years. While he did appear in Batman Forever during the 90s, where played by Jim Carrey, this version of the Riddler was overly exaggerated, leaving a number of DC fans disappointed.Shockingly, 2012's The Dark Knight Rises almost featured the Riddler as the primary antagonist. The Dark Knight sequel went through a number of different drafts, with the original concept being about the Joker being released after being declared insane. However, after the death of Heath Ledger, and after working on Inception, director Christopher Nolan wanted the movie to be about Batman being tormented by the Riddler, who would have been played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Unfortunately, this concept was scrapped in exchange for the Bane storyline that we saw in the finished movie.Matt Reeves' The Batman would be the perfect opportunity to clear the Riddler's name, and after seeing this fan art by BatFlashHunterDesign, it would seem that casting Tom Hiddleston would be the perfect way to do it. Tom Hiddleston has proven himself as a great actor to play deceptive villains, so it would be fantastic to see him crossover from Marvel to DC in order to play one of DC's greatest villains. Unfortunately, The Batman still appears to be in its early development stages, so we will most likely be left with speculation and fan art for quite some time before we actually find out who the main villain will be.if @twhiddleston plays a batman villian he would make a perfect riddler for the batman movies— TheBatFlashHunter (@somshisawsome1) June 19, 2018

House of Pain: Alex Wolff on Hereditary

by Nick Allen June 15, 2018   |  Print Page TweetAri Aster’s masterwork “Hereditary” has become the horror sensation of the summer for a lot of reasons—it’s scary as hell, and even...

The 100: Season Five Ratings

Although it was off the air so long that it felt like The 100 TV show had been cancelled, now it’s back for a fifth season on The CW. Like last year, the littlest network decided to hold the post-apocalyptic action series for mid-season. How will it do this time...

CB Strike: Season One Viewer Votes

(Steffan Hill / Cinemax) Is CB Strike at the top of his game during the first season of the CB Strike TV show on Cinemax? As we all know, the Nielsen ratings typically play a big role in determining whether a TV show like CB Strike is cancelled or renewed....

Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back: Season One Ratings

Last year, Gordon Ramsay premiered his US version of The F Word on FOX, which was a middle-of-the-road performer for an unscripted summertime TV series. Although it hasn’t been officially cancelled, the network hasn’t renewed it either, and it is unlikely to return. Still, the celebrity chef has had a...